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Vegan Soaps

Vegan Soaps

I am determined to introduce a vegan alternative to all my products. Because the bases for the vegan soap are SLS and SLES free, they are still super gentle on the skin, but they are also colourful and exciting.

Our vegan range is scented using high-quality oils and can be used on the face & body.

Individual soaps are £5 each and you can get one of all four for an incredible £15, with a gift box thrown in!

Peppermint with Mica

Strong, green, and exciting, this is a brilliant soap for a men’s facial routine with the peppermint working on reducing pore size, at the same time as being a strong smelling, unisex scent.

Rosehip & Sandalwood with Mica

This soap musky strong and the rosehip is particularly good for those with skincare problems. Another excellent soap that’s not floral, but also incredibly cleansing and gentle.

Patchouli Soap

I adore this soap mix, it allows a georgeous scent and is a wonderful hand and body soap. Patchouli is such a wonderful smell and with the high-quality oils I buy, this is a truly magnificent soap.