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Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner have been a long process of trial and error for me, it is important to me to sell a product I am proud of, and I have used so many shampoo bars that just don’t cut the mustard as far as leaving my hair feeling nourished as well as clean and moisturised. I find that I don’t often need conditioner after using it and a whole bar lasts so well, that it doesn’t fall apart like most shampoo bars I’ve tried.

Conditioner Bars

I make my shampoo in May Chang, a lemon-y, lemongrass-based scent and Rose geranium, a gorgeous shampoo (my personal favourite) that smells absolutely divine. My shampoo is packed full of silk peptides, shea butter and Aragon oil. It really is a luxury product without the plastic packaging.

I have designed this shampoo to make you realise that you don’t need plastic to have luxury and you don’t have to pay through the nose for it either.

My May Chang fragrance contains sliver mica, which will support long lasting blonde colour and my rose geranium has gold mica which will help dark colours shine radiantly and stay on the hair. But most people just base things on what lovely scent they are most drawn to – of course.

I also make shampoo in peppermint, patchouli and sandalwood from time to time, I will upload pictures of those soaps as I make them.

Conditioner bars are fragranced with jasmine, sweet orange or vanilla.

Large shampoo bars are £8 and small £6 - a large bar lasts at least a month depending on length of hair

Conditioner bars at £10 for large and £8 for small - a large bar is much better value and if kept in the fridge will last for months.

Small shampoo and conditioner sets are £11 and large are £16