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Homemade Hair, Face & Body Soap

Goats Milk Soap

Goats milk soap has been heralded for many years as a brilliant, gentle and cleansing product. Its main ingredient, Lactic acid, is used in many high-end cosmetics because it both cleans the skin without drying, as much soap does.

In its plain form, it is a wonderful soap for those suffering from dermatological conditions, or very young babies because it is so gentle, and PH balanced to human skin.

I am determined to introduce a vegan alternative to all my products. Because the bases for the vegan soap are SLS and SLES free, they are still super gentle on the skin, but they are also colourful and exciting

Shampoo and conditioner have been a long process of trial and error for me, it is important to me to sell a product I am proud of, and I have used so many shampoo bars that just don’t cut the mustard as far as leaving my hair feeling nourished as well as clean and moisturised. I find that I don’t often need conditioner after using it and a whole bar lasts so well, it doesn’t fall apart like most shampoo bars I’ve tried.

Our dog shampoo has been specially formulated to help you get the plastic out of your pet care.

All our dog shampoos have apple cider vinegar, honey and fragrance in a goat’s milk shampoo mix which allows a great foam, a long-lasting bar and relief from those lovely scents that dogs pick up in the wild

Our shave kits have a musky, unisex scent and come with a special wooden shaving brush. The thick lather can be used to shave body or facial hair and the tin means you get the very most out of your shaving product whilst reducing plastic in the bathroom.

Scented with sandalwood, rose and rosehip, this product is gentle on the skin but leaves a pleasant, unisex aroma. These tins hold a lot of soap and will last a really long time. They are SLS and SLES free, all have extra shea butter in and have silk peptides to nourish and comfort the skin.

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