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Dog Shampoo

Our dog shampoo has been specially formulated to help you get the plastic out of your pet care. We have two dog shampoos – our chamomile and rosehip shampoo is designed for sensitive dogs and those who are particularly smelly. Like all our dog shampoo, this shampoo has apple cider vinegar, honey and fragrance in a goat’s milk shampoo mix which allows a great foam, a long-lasting bar and relief from those lovely scents that dogs pick up in the wild.

Dog Shampoo

Our larger dog shampoo bar is scented with peppermint, leaving dogs smelling fresh and gorgeous. It has silk peptides and shea butter to help doggies have long, luxurious coats that stay shiny and clean for longer.

I always recommend our dog shampoo is kept in the fridge when not in use, this helps the oils solidify allowing a longer lasting bar.

Large dog shampoo bars are £8 and small are £6 a set of two comes to £12.