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I’m Fiona Ryan and I started Salisbury Soaps in 2022 after being unable to continue my regular job. I have always been passionate about making plastic free, luxury products without the high price tag.

Going plastic free, buying local and having a range of products that work to cleanse, moisturse and tone the skin should not be financially stifling. Everyone should have the option to make the leap.

Over the years, bar soap has gained a bad reputation, lots of us are used to very low quality soaps that dry out the skin and aggravate sensitive skin conditions. I have worked hard to produce a gentle range that is suitable for face, body and hands. From my 19 years experience in cosmetics and oils, I have created a goats milk and a vegan soap range that can support a variety of skin types. Feel free to get in touch for any specific questions.

We remove the plastic in our manufacture. Even our labels are sealed into place with wax, rather than any plastic whatsoever.

Fiona Ryan Salisbury Soaps

Our labels are made from Kraft paper, and we focus on female-led businesses when we approach graphic designers etc.

Please have a look through my soaps. Each one has been crafted to meet a specific need. I have crafted hand soaps that work to both cleanse, exfoliate and smell amazing. I have created gentle yet cleansing facial soaps. I’ve even created a range of shampoos and conditioners, filled with silk peptides and various butters. I want to show everyone that you can have the luxury, the products that make your skin and hair smell and look amazing, without the plastic or the price tag.

I can’t wait for you to see the rest of the products, so come in and have a look!